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Jonathan Katz

President, CEO After having spring boarded numerous other businesses, covering multiple fields of business, he doesn’t just offer web knowledge but has business logics in step. Jonathan is an asset to any Start-Up Management or Enterprise. His vision has been to develop a U.S. based web and application development agency that provides high integrity services at a fraction of the price. Running multiple successful ventures in the past doesn’t just happen without one vital ingredient; Online Marketing. Has a passion for building enterprise solutions to solve the everyday mundane tasks that plague businesses.

  • Management 95%
  • Domain Fullfilment 65%
  • Public Relations 85%

Michael Teitelbaum

Chief Creative Officer Michael Teitelbaum is the creative graphic force behind award winning and bold web and print designs. He has a bachelor’s degree from the Art Institute of California Los Angeles. Michael is a seasoned designer having worked in and across multiple industries as a designer and developer including: technology, games, enterainment, olympic sports, non-profit, and education. Michael has worked with companies like AEG, Mattel, Stuff of Legends Games, Food Network, NBC Universal Sports, The American Youth Soccer Orginiztion and more. Michael has Joined us, bringing with him his weath of experince and skill designing our print, branding, multimedia and web design.

  • Design 85%
  • UI/UX 95%
  • Story Development 90%

David Olivieri

Director of Sales and Business Development David Olivieri’s background is full of different accomplishments in disciplines that include technology, sales management and marketing. Starting his career in VOIP with a partnership with MItel, he quickly compiled an impressive list of clients that included Triumph Motorcycles and Waffle House to name a few. The technology path secured David the opportunity to build the enterprise sales division at Relevant Ads. With a real passion for SEO and bringing on billion dollar logo’s, it was here that he honed in his digital technology knowledge. With successful partnerships formed with MItel, Windstream, Children of America and Fulton Communications, After helping Voodoo Viral Marketing out with business development, David has decided to join the HiveVue team.

  • Future Proofing 80%
  • Tech Solutions 75%
  • Best Practices 85%

Timely Support

When something comes up it’s nice to have a team you can contact here in the states. Our staff takes down your requirements and makes sure they are addressed within a timely manner.

Innovative Ideas

Creativity is the name of the game. Without innovation we’re just standing still. The phones we use, the websites we go to, all keep changing. Our team is constantly on the edge of finding solutions to everyday problems.

Advanced Technology

From security management to custom business solutions our development happens on a large scale. Lessons we learn along the way mean that mature solutions make it to the floor with fewer hiccups.

Clear Communication

Taking down a clients requirements and being able to turn around and produce a product that works for them is no easy feet. That’s why we’ve developed best practices procedures which help the clients.

Current News

Learn from the top thought leaders in the industry.

Tips For Optimizing Your Brand Marketing

Tips For Optimizing Your Brand Marketing Every brand on the biggest shopping occasion of the year tries to ramp up its marketing efforts to gain the more fruit from aggressive market. With all the enjoyments and moments of cheers, brands employ their best advertising method to grab the consumer attention. They create a hype of their products using different marketing tactics including web marketing, social media marketing and print marketing as well. Here are some tips that can help you in optimizing your marketing campaign for the holiday season. Prioritize Your Mobile Strategy Consumer are making list and double-checking it through their smartphones. For the last five year smartphones has been hailed the year of mobile and 2014 is no different. User adoption of mobile smartphones has skyrocketed in last year and is expected to reach nearly 2 billion by the end of the year, according to research firm e-marketer. Along an increase in the adoption of smartphones, consumer adoption of tablets is also impacting the ecommerce searches. On the other side trend of wearable tech is also increasing, Apple smart watches are a good example of this. To gain the benefit of mobile shopping you must define your company’s strategy for mobile marketing and ways to reach your target audience. You need to be there with some coupons or offer some discounts when people are searching for your niche products with coupons and discounts. It’s a better option for the small business owners competing the large brands. Business with perfecting targeting and timing can earn more profit with increased sales volume. Focus on real-time marketing To be a...

Top 5 Critical Factors of a Dedicated Landing Page

Top 5 Critical Factors of a Dedicated Landing Page A landing page is the most important factor that should be addressed before staring a marketing campaign. The failure is obvious if the there is no dedicated landing page. Having a dedicated landing page is the first step but what should have landing page look and have on it is the most important. There are a number of factors that a landing page should have, but there are 5 critical factors that a landing page must have. Unique Selling Preposition (USP) The Hero Short The Benefits of offering Social Proof A single conversion goal Let’s discussed every factor in a details now. Unique Selling Preposition (USP) Unique selling point or the value proposition is the most important factor of a landing page that describe what the page is about. USP is a higher-level of term for a collection of statements that you used to describe your page. The USP can be broken down four page factors which collectively describe the story of your offering. The main heading The supporting subhead The reinforcement argument The closing argument The Main Headline The headline is the very first thing that people will read or see on your landing page. It is critical that it clearly describe what visitor will get from the page and the message match is strong enough to argue that visitors are on the right place.    Supporting Headline Your headline only can say so much if you keep it short or easily digestible. The bust way to keep your head line is the use of supporting headline. The Reinforcement...

Ways to improve your Site Ranking (SEO) Part 2

Ways to improve your Site Ranking (SEO) Part 2 Role of Usability Search engines try to provide the best results to the user quires as mentioned a lot of time be the Google and other search engines as well. The user experience and their engagement on the website is really important for analyzing the user experience. As Google recommends “In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by creating high-quality sites that users will want to use and share”. You should keep the following usability tips in mind: Overall appeal: Usability includes, but is not limited to the things like clearly labeling different parts of the website to make an easy way around for visitors. It is critical to make important areas of the page easy to spot or make it simple for users to navigate with an ease. A page should be tightly themed and provide the correct information what the visitor is looking for. The page with a high bounce rate indicate the lower user experience. It is better to analyze pages with higher bounce rate and make them attractive, user-friendly and informative for the users. Navigation: Navigation plays the important role in the user experience and offers a chance to navigate from one page to another. Navigation is like road in a city that make way around. Search engines may rank a multitude of a website’s pages simultaneously, which means that people will be able to access a site from pages other than the home page. Without good navigation that covers the entire site, visitors could get stuck on a page and not be able...

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