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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine MarketingBe Seen When People Are Searching. In today’s market we know a huge number of people search on the internet for all kinds of things such as learning, decision making, but most importantly to business owners for shopping, and promoting businesses. This brings you the ultimate platform to market your products by meeting the expectations of your future potential users. If you are a business in a local market (brick and mortar) or an e-commerce store, you have a huge potential audience in front of you. The million dollar question being, how do you reach them?!

That’s simple, you do this with a professionally designed marketing strategy that perfectly meets the intent of what your targeted audience is looking for. A Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy will allow you to reach more customers who have clearly expressed specific needs that your product meets for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing. When your potential clients are searching on the web, it’s like they say, “It’s all about being in the right place at right time.”

Meet the Hive.

HiveVue is here to help! A U.S.A. based company at outsourced prices! All of the benefits; None of the nightmares of outsourcing.  We help take your vision to the next level bringing a skilled staff of workers operating as a hive with one goal; Getting your rankings up in the Search Engines and achieving organic growth at a fraction of the price of a Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. Strategic knowledge and live statistics to your fingertips means you have a Vue (view) on your growth as it happens.

Do you want to grow your business on the web?

Our team of expert marketing professionals can help you achieve your targets by generating qualified traffic without sacrificing short and long term goals. We will develop a Search Engine Marketing strategy specifically tailored around your products and services that will increase your chances of making those year end goals.

What can the Hive bring to your Vue?

  • We research keywords to optimize the content for your product and services.
  • We evaluate the demand for your product or services. Tracking trends brings you greater results.
  • We create the required balance between your organic and maximize paid search results.
  • We create your visibility among current and qualified customers.
  • We will try to win the confidence of your customers by increasing social sharing.
  • Paid Marketing:

In addition to producing an immediate base for the traffic coming into your site, purchased keywords have a lower cost-per-acquisition and higher goal conversion rate. Our paid marketing professionals will develop your PPC strategy and optimize your campaign in such a way that will bring the cost down and increase the goal conversion ratio.

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