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Is Your Website Secure? Let Us Help You Protect Your Website

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Website Security

There are millions of websites hacked every year around the globe. Are you one of them?  If yes, we can help you protect your web properties. We have the right tools and system to protect your websites from unwanted attacks. Here is what we offer.

  • All services are provided once a month. We are not responsible for anything that occurs in between that time. 250 a month. Start Up fee – First month is 350.00 and includes the month’s payment.
  • 250 payment covers all services to be provided as soon as possible. Then payment will need to be made prior to the next month.
  • Updating plugins – any plugins that require payment will be passed to the client.
  • Updating themes (no custom coding) – if there is custom coding it may be lost. If needed to be fixed will need charge hourly. If then it breaks the current layout then that will also require to be charged on an hourly.
  • Updating WordPress Platform
  • Revoke right permissions where necessary
  • Backup Site (Deliver Copies)
  • Backup Database (Deliver Copies)
  • Give instructions on how to maintain the theme.
  • Website Infection Clean Up (extra hourly scale). Cannot Guarantee clean up. Estimates given $150 infection review fee. Website restoration on an hourly.

Protect Your Websites With HiveVUE! We have Better Solutions!