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The number of people that social media can put you in front of is second to none. Step aside TV and Print Media. There is no other way, hands down, to reach these types of number. With stats that are just staggering we’ll focus a moment on Facebook:

  • Total number of Facebook mobile users: 680 million

  • Total number of Facebook users: 1.06 billion

  • Daily active Facebook users: 618 million

  • Average time spent per Facebook visit: 20 minutes
    Facebook may be the leader but other contenders such as twitter and other soon to come social networks will begin to encroach on their space in the market. Those that play a roll in development of such sites or provide content to their consumers via these platforms tend to have the upper edge versus those that join late. That’s where having the right team, to put you in the right place, at the right time.

    Employing a full time staff, on any level, draws on any company’s resources. Unless your company is focusing in this market, staffing, training and then hiring full time workers doesn’t seem like the most efficient way to do business. Our staff devotes their time to your marketing campaigns. They work on a regular patterns, as well as off the cuff, to keep your clients engaged in your product line.